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Critique Partners

Critique Partners is an opportunity open to any member of the Abilene Writers Guild. Here's how it works:

You may send up to 3 pages of an article, story, or poem(s) to Jill Henderson, Coordinator for AWG Critique Partners.

All submissions MUST be double spaced, except for poetry.

No cover sheet needed.

Email preferred. If you submit via email and accept responses via email, you do not need to send return envelopes with postage. Your responses will be sent to you via email.

Jiffi123@live.com with "Critique Partners" in the subject line.

or mail to:

Jill Henderson
PO Box 7501
Abilene, TX 79608

with adequate postage on self-addressed envelopes for your copies to be returned. (Note: You may give your submissions or return your comments to Sheryl at meetings. If she is absent, email or send via U.S. Mail).

Your name or other obvious identity must not appear on the submission itself. Please include your name on a cover letter to Jill Henderson. You will remain anonymous to everyone else, but Jill needs to verify that you are an AWG member and eligible for critique.

Why only three pages?

For several reasons including cost to make copies, cost of postage, and convenience of those who are providing feedback. Some of our critique partners receive two or three submissions at a time. More than 3 pages is an imposition. Finally, learning to make the first 3 pages of any manuscript the best possible writing you can do is essential in the actual submission process to an editor.

Jill will distribute your submission to at least 3 anonymous critic partners for their comments. When these are returned to her, she will forward them to you. We cannot guarantee that everyone will respond, or that you will like or agree with their feedback. The purpose of this program is to provide you the opportunity to be read by people who don't know who you are and get their response. The purpose is also to provide you a chance to be the editor or judge to help a fellow scribe.

All participants will remain completely anonymous. No one will know whose writing they are critiquing, and no one will know who provided the comments.

If you would be willing to be a critique partner, please let Jill know. This is one way you can help a fellow scribe!

Your responses to the pages sent to you need to be returned within 2 to 3 weeks if at all possible.

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