Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
    To develop our talents as writers,
      To promote interest in writing, and
                  To encourage our fellow writers at all times

Our Life Members

Stewart Caffey
Nancy Masters
Laura Thaxton
Alice Greenwood

Life members gain the status by gift from the membership as a whole, by paying a one time fee of $600, by receiving the honor as a gift from another, or by reaching the age of 90 while a member of AWG.

The History of Abilene Writers Guild

The Abilene Writers Guild has grown in size and scope. Formed in May, 1969, the organization met in the home of the first president, Juanita Zachry, then in the residences of other members. We soon outgrew houses and met over the first ten years at various places including the Abilene Savings Building, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Building, and a few times at the Junior League Building. Juanita Zachry was president until June, 1978.

The Guild bought a building on Hickory Street in 1980. The old laundromat became a proper meeting place as members spent many hours bringing it to their standards. They could hardly have known, though, that twenty years later it would be too small for the group. Dynamic growth in the last ten years has resulted in an organization of over one hundred members from Abilene, other cities throughout Texas, and several other states. The web site has brought writers from much farther afield, and together we work to achieve our objectives. If you're not a member, we have room and possibilities awaiting you.

Abilene Writers Guild

Our Officers and Board Members

President: Sharon Ellison (2020)
Executive VP: David Dodge (2021)
Program VP: Kay Talley (2020)
Secretary: Carolyn Dycus (2021)
Treasurer: Gail McMillan (2021)
Board Member: Linda Gordon (2021)
Board Member: Mary AnnSmith (2020)
Board Member: Mary Berry (2021)
Alternate Board Member: Darla McLeod (2020)
Newsletter Editor: Jo Cox

Join AWG!

Annual Fee $25.00
Mail check to:
Abilene Writers Guild
P.O. Box 2562
Abilene, Texas 79604
or bring fee to a monthly meeting