This year's Members-only contests are complete.  Next Members-only contests will begin in February 2022.  

For now, please go to our Annual Contest tab to see the Rules/Guidelines for AWG's Annual 2021-2022 Contest, which is open to anyone age 15 and over.  We hope you will submit an entry----or many!.  Time is running out.  Entries must be postmarked by November 30, 2021.  

April 2021 Members Only Contest Winners

First place, Mary Berry                          "The Bull Rider

Second place, Carolyn Dycus                "April Fool!  For Abilene, Texas 2021

Honorable Mention, Chuck Webber    "Circumstantial Meditation"

Honorable Mention, Mary Berry          "Nature's Show"

May 2021 Members Only Contest Winners

First place, Kay Talley                            "Unmistakable Rattle"

Second place, Coy Roper                       "Max's Myphone"

June and July 2021 Members Only Contests:  Sadly, there were not enough entries to be judged.  Perhaps we are all getting back out and going on vacations!

August 2021 Members-Only Contest Winners: Flash fiction; flash poetry, 50 words or less using five prompt words:


1.  Chuck Webber                                   "Around for Balance"

2. Sharon Ellison                                    "Jane"

HM: Sharon Ellison                               "The Race"


1. Sharon Ellison                                    "Peace, Please"

2. Coy Roper                                          "Transition Time"

HM: Kay Talley                                      "The March of Time"

HM: Cindy Mims                                  "Jellyfish Packing Tiny Grenades"

HM: Chuck Webber                              "Star Wars"

2021 Members-Only Monthly Contest
Linda Gordon, Contest Coordinator
Send entries to:

AWG Members Only Monthly Contest


Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times