Member Flash Spotlight

At our monthly meetings, members and guests are given five words with which to write and submit a story or a poem  in 50 words or less using those five words.  If you want to participate in the fun, be present at our meeting: your submission might be published here and/or on our our Facebook Page!


Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times

Prompt words given at our May meeting: market, diligent, cockeyed, majestic, hackneyed

Everyone's a Critic, by Andie Wearden

Hackneyed Hackman at The Majestic, glaring Cockeyed at Willem Dafoe.

Getting started, but he's a cliche.  Tip your after-market Merlot.

Not as diligent as DuBois, she's been moving on up in our hearts.

Play us out, Lannie, with Zion Street choir.  Dress up a travesty and call it fine art.

Shopping Trip, by Linda Gordon

Like a majestic, destination bound ship

She sailed through the market,

Cleaving through the listing.

Cock-eyed stacks of denim,

Searching diligently

Through unearned, hackneyed,

Manufactured rips, tears, and holes

For jeans as yet undamaged,

Chosen to love, and gently wear together

Into the natural, inevitable,

Imperfections of aging. 

Cockeyed Diligence, by Julie Frybarger

Why is the political market only for the so-called elites

Under the pretense of self-righteous wokeness replete

with belittling and inherent biases, including mean spirited beliefs.

They cone across as hackneyed, cockeyed, and seemingly beyond.

Whatever happed to the majestic, the diligent, and the fair?

Could Pigs Fly? by Carolyn Dycus

To Market, To Market, you cockeyed little pig.

This is definitely not a diligent (or hardly majestic) verse!

Also quite hackneyed should I add "jiggity jig."

Now I have plagiarized, which makes it even worse!