The words from our April meeting were: irascible, veritable, photograph, weird, speculate.

Linda Gordon did a great job using these words in her poem.

              Hair Snare

"Irascible" was the epitaph

Branding the man in the photograph.

It doesn't seem that baffling or weird

That his head unsheared and massive beard

Encouraged the birds to congregate.

I speculate that would aggravate

If his veritable nest of hair invited those birds to build their lair!


Member Flash Spotlight

At our monthly meetings, members are given five words with which to write and submit a story or a poem  in 50 words or less using those five words.  If you want to participate in the fun, then join Abilene Writers Guild and your submission might be published here and/or on our our Facebook Page!


Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times