Prompt words given at our April meeting: daughter, fortunate, gobsmacked, story, advance.   Just look at the variety!

Light It Up Blue, by Andie Wearden

Come now, daughter

You're no Fortunate Son--

This cannot be your story.

No battle advance made

Counts for naught against his;

He makes the earth shake

While you tremble with rage.

Are you so gobsmacked?

Lonely's played out, and

Stolen silence buys you no glory. 

First Date, by Linda Gordon

I didn't have to advance

To recognize a snake at a glance.

My daughter he might be kissing,

But Daddy will be doing the hissing.

He'll be gobsmacked to lose his quarry,

But fortunate if it's not too gory,

When I rewrite the end of his surely shady story. 

Gobsmacked Allegory? by Julie Frybarger

Was it true or was it a "teaching moment" allegory?

Was it designed to be fateful, faithful or damnatory?

As the younger daughter began her frightening story

Gobsmacked that the tornado had blown past

Feeling fortunate yet knowing it wouldn't be the last

Violent storm quietly swirling before its advance.

Far-right Foolybird, by Chuck Webber

The Michael Savage show advanced paranoia daily as if his own daughter's life were at stake.  His angry radio bile left me gobsmacked on my daily commute to work.  One morning his sound engineer advanced "Fortunate Son" into the commercial break.  Savage went berserk!

At our monthly meetings, members and guests are given five words with which to write and submit a story or a poem  in 50 words or less using those five words.  If you want to participate in the fun, be present at our meeting: your submission might be published here and/or on our our Facebook Page!


Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times

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