The Imperfect Art of Illusion

Linda Gordon

His ability to lift waistline into chest
By inhaling oxygen in shallow slices
Becomes a concern, as you might have guessed,
When that no longer suffices.
The lungs natural propensity
To breathe with intensity
Popped the buttons from his vest
Revealing his gluttonous vices.

The Yacht
David Dodge

I was fishing off my favorite pier, as I often did.  When I looked out to sea, I saw a large yacht slicing through the waves and headed directly toward my pier.  I was concerned because I didn’t think the captain had the ability to dock here.  I was wrong!

It gently slipped in and maneuvered right up to the dock.  The deck hand jumped out and tossed the ropes, fore and aft, over the posts.  To my surprise, the deck hand unzipped the coveralls and out of that cocoon slipped a shapely blond with the propensity of a French line model.  She sported a blue silk blouse, white bell bottom slacks and red deck shoes.  I stared because she would easily suck the oxygen out of any room.

As she approached me she smiled.  I returned the smile; she swept on by.  I didn’t catch any fish, either.

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My Wish
Gene A. Robertson

I  have a propensity for ice cream and cake
Dessert is a necessity for me but oxygen is a must for life.
Only if I had the ability to bake,
My concern is just how I can convince my wife!!