Prompt words given at our June meeting:  hurkle-durkle, somnolent, optimistic, called,

stubborn    Just look at these creative submissions!

1.                                  Annie Sleeps In, by Nancy Forbis-Stokes

"Wake up, Annie," Mom called optimistically.  "You've got chores."

A somnolent voice replied, "Aw, Mom it's hot, and I'm still tired.  I'm having a hurkle-durkle."

Mom had never hear such vocabulary spoken by Annie.  Her Advanced Placement English class was proving to be beneficial.

2.  Broken Analysis, by Julie M. Frybarger

Sleepy Joe is doing the hurkle-durkle

He is not slow and steady like a turtle

Optimistic supporters have spoken

"'s not broken"

But his recurring somnolent antics

Have many supporters feeling rantic

They made a decision and called out the critics

Denouncing them and their analytics.

3.                           Maybe I'm Disabled? by Carolyn Dycus

"This hurkle-durkle from your Glasgow pen pal does not work for me today--a school day in Abilene, Texas---and, no, you do not have a somnolent disability!

You're ruining my reputation as an optimist---I've called three times---get your butt up and out of bed, NOW! 

4.  "Hurkle-Durkle" by Kate Nagibina

Hurkle-Durkle was lying in bed,

Hurkle-Durkle was thinking ahead.

Somnolent face

With expression of hope

She could've seen if she only awoke.

Crawled out of bed

Optimistic for Day

Just as she is to luxuriate.

Sleeping past noon, 

Because dreams

Promise hope


To fulfill what our destiny called...

5.  The Weekend, by Linda Gordon

Optiistic plans

On Friday spoken

By Saturday lie broken.

A somnolent fate

Leading to a hurkle-durkle state,

Lazy, sprawled, stalled.

Whatever it's called,

Many are the unrepentant fans. 

Member Flash Spotlight

At our monthly meetings, members and guests are given five words with which to write and submit a story or a poem  in 50 words or less using those five words.  If you want to participate in the fun, be present at our meeting: your submission might be published here and/or on our our Facebook Page!


Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times