There were no February submissions, and no prompt words were given in March due to

our Annual Workshop.  This will be back in the saddle at our April meeting!

Words announced in January: retro, argue, waste, peace, basket  

Love all the variations!

 Power Wars, by Linda Gordon

Fresh-faced teens in retro jeans

Dreaming all their hopeful dreams

Powerful men in gabardines

Arguing behind-the-scenes

Make war, not peace?  By all means!

Conscripted teens in army greens

Baskets full of wasted dreams.

Warren in Travail, by Chuck Webber

Warren Peace hated when friends called him Tolstoy.  "That retro-grade Russian nihilism appeals to no one," he argued, "and I think it's a waste of breath even to refer to it.  It's not me, anyway.  I am a basket of light, by comparison."


Retrophilia Activism, by George Forbis-Stokes   

Sitting cross-legged on the driveway, wearing a retro peace-sign tee shirt, Phillip smoothed the "Dancing Bears" bumper stick onto the Cadillac's rear bumper.  Standing, softly singing, "Don't look back - can't argue with that," he tossed the sticker's backing in his neighbor's basket of waste.  Happy, satisfied, going home.                                  

​Retro Pile, Nancy Forbis-Stokes

While organizing the costume loft, Sadie and Sal argued over what belonged in the "retro" pile.  Sadie grabbed a scarf with orange circles, found stains, and threw it in the waste basket.  Sal lifted a chunky chain necklace with attached peace symbol medallion.  She and Sal smiled in agreement. 

Auction Description, by Suanna Davis

Arguing ensued over the retro basket up for auction.  Was it vintage or antique? Far too quickly the fight grew violent.  Surprisingly, waste brought peace.  The owner upcycled the reed remnants as firestarters.

Perfect Place, by Penny Vieau

After buying a new house, it's the little things that couples might argue over.  I picked out this cute basket.  It looked retro, or was it?  No waste was allowed to be placed in it.  I had won this one and felt a sense of peace.  The basket was perfect.

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Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
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