Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times

Here are the winners of AWG's 2022 Fall Annual Writing Contest!  Congratulations to the winners as well as to all those who entered!

Inspiration – 5 entries, Judge: Anne McCrady
1.  Linda Gordon                                           “Always and Forever”
2.  Chuck Webber                                         “Death of a Grandma” 

Unrhymed Poetry – 10 entries, Judge: Ginny Greene
1. Lauren Scott                                              “The Thunder”
2. Chuck Webber                                          “Home At Last”
3. Elijah Tolar                                                “Vicarious”
HM Lauren Scott                                          “Natures Clarity” 

Fiction for Adults – 11 entries, Judge” Becky Haigler
1.  Chuck Webber                                         “Floating”
2.  Dee Dee Chumley                                  “Resurrection Sunday”
3.  Rigby Samuels                                         “Dreamshots” 

Flash Fiction – 7 entries, Judge: Tate Ellison
1.  Jackson Riley                                            “The Anniversary Letter”
2.  Nancy Forbis-Stokes                            “The Audition”
3. Diane Jones                                             “The Caretaker”

 Flash Poetry –  5 entries, Judge: Tate Ellison
l. Dee Dee Chumley                                  “Spent”
2. Linda Gordon                                         “Starlight Blooming” 

Rhymed Poetry - 17 entries, Judge: Judy Ware
1. Coy Roper                                              “Traveling”
2. Coy Roper                                               “It’s Time to Write”
3. Austin Escobedo                                     “Embrace”
HM – Daniel Moreschi, Wales, UK        “Black Burns Red
HM – Chuck Webber                               “Guests Nonetheless 

Science Fiction – 8 entries, Judge: Ron Davis
l.  Rigby Samuels                                          “The Sound of Metal”
2. Chuck Webber                                          “Effective Dreams”
3. Elijah Tolar                                                “Verum ex Falsis”

 Sadly, Memoir/Nostalgia and Children’s Stories had too few entries.