Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times

                               ABILENE WRITER’S GUILD


1.  Open to any person age 15 or older.

2.  Entries must be postmarked between Oct. 1, 2023, and Nov. 30, 2023.

3.  Categories with fewer than 5 entries are not eligible for prizes but may be critiqued if judges agree.  See page two for categories, details and fees.

4.  All entries must be your original work, unpublished as of Oct. 1, 2023.  Publication on the internet IS publication.  The work must not have earned a cash award in any previous AWG Annual Contest! However, Honorable Mentions from past annual contests may be re-entered and any AWG monthly members-only-contest entry is eligible if it fits the category.  Font size 12, Times New Roman preferred.  Type on one side of page.

5. Separate COVER SHEETS for each entry required.  Upper left corner: your name, complete address, phone number and email address.  Upper right corner: category and number of words or lines.   Double space down at least four times then center your title in the middle of your cover sheet.

6.  Do NOT count your title in your word count.  Author’s name goes ONLY on the cover sheet.

First page of your Poetry/Flash Fiction, categories 1-4: List category and number of lines or words in Upper Right Corner.   Double space down and Center the Title of your entry; double space down again and begin.  Single space these entries.  (NO author’s name!)

First page categories 5-9: Double space; one-inch margins. Upper right corner: list category and number of words.  Double space down, center your title, double-space down again and begin manuscript. On all following pages: list entry title and page number in upper right corner. (NO author’s name on any of these pages.)

Mail Entries!  Staple cover sheets to each entry.  Attach payment to entries with a paper clip!  Fill in registration form or facsimile thereof.  Enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope with adequate postage to return your entries and/or prize if you win. Otherwise, entries will be discarded on or after May 31, 2024. (One stamp per 5 pages in a #10 letter-size envelope. When in doubt, check with your post office.) Our judges, professionals in their fields, are asked to critique each entry, but we cannot guarantee same. Those in the Abilene area may also bring entries to AWG’s October and November meetings.

Reminder: As in other writing contests, entries not meeting the guidelines will be disqualified and fees will not be refunded.  Please follow the rules carefully.  Decisions of the judges are final. 

Winners will be announced at our Annual Awards Workshop in March 2024, and will be listed on our Website by April 15, 2024.  Prizes will be mailed to winners who cannot attend the Workshop, but we must have your SASE.  Please watch our website and/or Newsletter for location, date, time, and other details of the March 2024 Workshop.  Entries will be available for pickup immediately following the Workshop.

PRIZES:    Categories 1-4             Categories 5-9
            First                $70                                  $100                                                        Second          $45                                       65                                                         Third              $25                                      35


           S. Ellison, 862 Grand Ave, Abilene TX 79605                      

           Email Questions only to:  AWGWrite@gmail.com

Registration form: (attach copy or facsimile to your entry/entries.)
Your phone number:_____________________________

Your name: ___________________________________

Street address:_________________________________


Your email address:______________________________

Make check or money order payable to: Abilene Writers Guild

# of entries in Categories 1-4  = ____ X $7.00 each = $_________ 

# of entries in Categories 5-8 = ____X $10.00 each = $_________ 

# of entries in Category 9 = ______ X $15.00 each =  $_________

Check Number ____________          Grand total     $ _________

CATEGORIES,                                                   Words/Lines  Entry Fees
1. Rhymed Poetry any style                                        50 lines        $7

2. Unrhymed Poetry any style                                   50 lines        $7

The five prompt words must be used in Categories 3 and 4.*
*3. Flash Poetry:
scamper, fragrance, diligence, apple, modern   100 words      $7   
*4. Flash Fiction:
notorious, classified, simple, dazzled, unclaimed 100 words    $7

5. Children’s Stories (
Preschool OR elementary age readers)      750 words   $10

6. Inspiration (
Any form: prose/drama/religious                   1200 words   $10

7. Memoir/Nostalgia (
Take reader back to a former time       1200 words   $10

8.  Fiction for Adults (
Short story for teens and older)           1200 words   $10

9.  Science Fiction  (
For teens and older)                           2500 words   $15

Enter as many times as you wish in one or multiple categories!