Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times

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General Information:                                                              AbileneWritersGuild.org


    Annual Contest Winners Announced at Annual Workshop March 26, 2022
Children’s stories – 7 entries            Judge: Diane Roberts
1.  Coy Roper                                                  “The Runt Named Goliath”
2.  Sue Harris                                                  “Lollipop 2”
3.  Hallie Wright                                            “Phoenix’s Big Move”
Inspiration – 8 entries                           Judge: Anne McCrady
1.  Linda Gordon                                           “Uncommon Friends”
2.  Dee Dee Chumley                                    “Watched Over”
3.  Charles Anderson                                     “Yeah, I’ve Met the Guy”
Rhymed Poetry – 16 entries              Judge: Ginny Greene
1.  Mary Berry                                                “The Bull Rider”
2.  Nick Sweet                                                “Aunt Sue – Then/Now”
3.  Chuck Webber                                         “Silkies”
HM  Linda Gordon                                       “From Praise To Peace
HM  Coy Roper                                              “It’s Time to Write”

Memoir/Nostalgia – 9 entries            Judge: Carolyn Leonard
1. Charles Anderson                                   “Yeah, I’ve Met the Guy”
2. Nick Sweet                                                “Next Door to You”
3. Coy Roper                                                “I Remember My Dad”
HM Chuck Webber                                     “Closed Until…”

Fiction for Adults – 15 entries            Judges: Alton Bostick, Helen Hill,Dennis Coburn
1.  Linda Gordon                                           “Floating”
2.  MacKenzie Wiesenhofer                        “Misplaced Hope”
3.  Ridgy Samuels                                         “Day One of Being an Eighteen-Year-Old Man Baby
HM  Chuck Weber                                        “All of Life in Seven Seconds”
HM  Coy Roper                                              “Max’s Myphone”

Flash Fiction – 7 entries                       Judge: Ginny Green
1. Charles Anderson                                     “Waterlogged Wood Nymph”
2.  Nancy Forbis-Stokes                              “A Little Dog Will Lead Her”
3, Adalee Bradford                                      “The Tree”

Flash Poetry – 15 entries                     Judge: Ginny Green
1.  Dee Dee Chumley                                   “At the Bazaar”
2.  Nick Sweet                                                “Discouraging Words”
3.  Mary Berry                                                “Blind Date”

Unrhymed Poetry -  10 entries
        Judge: Ginny Greene
1.  Chuck Webber                                         “Water”
2.  Dee Dee Chumley                                   “Book Swap”
3.  Lauren Scott                                             “The Nature of the Butterfly”
HM  MacKenzie Wiesenhofer                    “The Hill”