Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times


                 2023 Annual Abilene Writers Guild Contest Winners!

Children’s Stories, and Inspiration: not enough entries to be judged, but the judges nevertheless gave some great critiques and encouragement.  While there were five entries in Science Fiction, two did not follow the rules, so no winners could be chosen; however, the judge did critique and encourage each one. A total of 95 entries were received from Utah, Oklahoma, California, Georgia, Wales (United Kingdom), around Texas and, of course, Abilene!  Keep this information in mind for our Fall 2024 Annual Contest!  Many thanks to all who submitted, to our amazing judges for their diligent efforts and thanks to our Board for all the planning involved in the contest and the Workshop held on Saturday, March 23. 

First place: Mary Berry, Abilene         “The Staff of Life”
Second place: Don Money, AR           “On a Bank with Pawpaw”
Third place: Don Money                     “Last One on the Line”

Fiction for Adults:
First: Linda Gordon, Abilene                         “Fault Lines”
Second: Fabiana Elisa Martinez, Dallas        “Characters”
Third: Zjay Wright, Abilene                           “Waldosia”
Hon. Mention: Caleb Irwin, Abilene             “The Weird House at The                                                                                              End of The Road”
Flash Poetry:
First: Lauren Scott, Abilene           “One Bite”
Second: Linda Gordon                   “Garden Divine”
Third: Mary Berry                          “Gramma’s Pie”
Hon. Mention: Nick Sweet            “Foreboding Abode”

Flash Fiction:
First:  Caleb Irwin                                       “Luciano”
Second: Nancy Forbis-Stokes, Abilene    “Love Lost. Ring Found”
Third: Dee Dee Chumley, Edmond, OK  “Change of Heart”

Rhymed Poetry:
First: Dee Dee Chumley, Edmond, Ok          “Cow Chow Cafe
Second: Daniel Moreshi, Wales, U.K.             “Ephemeral Shrouds”
Third: Daniel Moreshi, Wales, U.K.                “Turbulent Treks
Hon. Mention: Nick Sweet, Shepherd           “Brad, Kim & Ted (RIP)

Unrhymed Poetry:
First: Jackson Riley, Abilene                         “Batman”
Second Place: Mary Berry                            “Sturm and Drang"
Third: Kelsie Patterson, Abilene                  “Painted With Love”
Hon. Mention: Marly Gabriel, Abilene       “Those Funky Fowl”