Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
      To develop our talents as writers,
          To promote interest in writing, and
                       To encourage our fellow writers at all times

Watch this space for information about our Annual 2021-2022 Contest!  New rules and all categories with requirements should be published here in late August or early September.  If you are a member of AWG, they will also be published in our monthly Newsletters.  The Annual Contest is open to anyone age 15 and over.  The contest opens for entries on October 1 and closes November 30, 2021. Early or late submissions will not be eligible.


                                             AWG’s 2020-2021 Annual Contest Winners

Articles of General Interest - Only two entries. 

Children’s stories - 5 entries, Judge, Alton Bostic & Silent Judges
First: Coy Roper, The Good Bad Witch
Second: Deborah Foster, Diving Blind
Third: Deborah Foster, Visiting Mrs. Beck

Inspiration - 8 entries, Judges, Alton Bostic, Dennis Coburn, Don Davidson
First: Linda Gordon, The Dreams of Anu 
Second: Linda Gordon, Communities of Light
Third: Chuck Webber, Samaritan Woman
HM: Kay Talley, A Mysterious Visitor 

Rhymed Poetry - 15 entries, Judge, Treanor Bearing
First: Chuck Webber, Losing the Siege
Second: Chuck Webber, October in Situ
Third: Jacob Valdez, Seemingly a Constellation
HM: Dylan Haught, In Bitter Cold
HM: Joel Adams,(Thailand), Leaves on a Pool
HM: Kay Talley, A Summer Night’s Storm

Memoir/Nostalgia - 9 entries, Judge Diane Glancy
First: Chuck Webber, Soul Friend 
Second: Chuck Webber, 16th Street Church 
Third: Coy Roper, I Remember When 
HM: Sheree Murphree, School Walk Snippets
HM: Kay Talley, Glass Slippers, Castles and the Sound of Music

Fiction for Adults - 17 entries, Judge, Becky Haigler
First: Dee Dee Chumley, The Choice
Second: Seth Pace, He left her Kiss with the Sunset
Third: Coy Roper, To Love and Be Loved
HM: Kathryn Rogers, Loss of a Child 
HM: Coy Roper, The Honeymoon Cruise and the March of Dimes

Flash Fiction - 9 entries, Judge, Sheryl Nelms
First: Molly Daugherity, The Roaring 20s 
Second: Nancy Forbis-Stokes, Little Things That Get You
Third: Nick Sweet, Forget Me Not
HM: Hallie Wright, Spreading Wings

Flash Poetry - 11 entries, Judge, Sheryl Nelms
First: Nick Sweet, Moon Star Drive In Yesteryear 
Second: Diego DeLeon, The Hardship of Falling
Third: Dee Dee Chumley, Culture Cancelled
HM: Elizabeth Fulgim, Untitled

Unrhymed Poetry - 16 entries, Judge, Ginny Greene
First: Lauren Scott, The End of a Bird 
Second: Seth Pace, Little Lion
Third: Seth Pace, Jesus Stumbled 
HM: Chuck Webber, Water
HM: Dee Dee Chumley, Book Swap
HM: Coy Roper, Goodbye, Girl

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