AWG’s 2020-2021 Annual Contest Winners

Articles of General Interest - Only two entries. 

Children’s stories - 5 entries, Judge, Alton Bostic & Silent Judges
First: Coy Roper, The Good Bad Witch
Second: Deborah Foster, Diving Blind
Third: Deborah Foster, Visiting Mrs. Beck

Inspiration - 8 entries, Judges, Alton Bostic, Dennis Coburn, Don Davidson
First: Linda Gordon, The Dreams of Anu 
Second: Linda Gordon, Communities of Light
Third: Chuck Webber, Samaritan Woman
HM: Kay Talley, A Mysterious Visitor 

Rhymed Poetry - 15 entries, Judge, Treanor Bearing
First: Chuck Webber, Losing the Siege
Second: Chuck Webber, October in Situ
Third: Jacob Valdez, Seemingly a Constellation
HM: Dylan Haught, In Bitter Cold
HM: Joel Adams,(Thailand), Leaves on a Pool
HM: Kay Talley, A Summer Night’s Storm

Memoir/Nostalgia - 9 entries, Judge Diane Glancy
First: Chuck Webber, Soul Friend 
Second: Chuck Webber, 16th Street Church 
Third: Coy Roper, I Remember When 
HM: Sheree Murphree, School Walk Snippets
HM: Kay Talley, Glass Slippers, Castles and the Sound of Music

Fiction for Adults - 17 entries, Judge, Becky Haigler
First: Dee Dee Chumley, The Choice
Second: Seth Pace, He left her Kiss with the Sunset
Third: Coy Roper, To Love and Be Loved
HM: Kathryn Rogers, Loss of a Child 
HM: Coy Roper, The Honeymoon Cruise and the March of Dimes

Flash Fiction - 9 entries, Judge, Sheryl Nelms
First: Molly Daugherity, The Roaring 20s 
Second: Nancy Forbis-Stokes, Little Things That Get You
Third: Nick Sweet, Forget Me Not
HM: Hallie Wright, Spreading Wings

Flash Poetry - 11 entries, Judge, Sheryl Nelms
First: Nick Sweet, Moon Star Drive In Yesteryear 
Second: Diego DeLeon, The Hardship of Falling
Third: Dee Dee Chumley, Culture Cancelled
HM: Elizabeth Fulgim, Untitled

Unrhymed Poetry - 16 entries, Judge, Ginny Greene
First: Lauren Scott, The End of a Bird 
Second: Seth Pace, Little Lion
Third: Seth Pace, Jesus Stumbled 
HM: Chuck Webber, Water
HM: Dee Dee Chumley, Book Swap
HM: Coy Roper, Goodbye, Girl

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Watch this space for information about our Annual 2021-2022 Contest!  New rules and all categories with requirements should be published here in late August or early September.  If you are a member of AWG, they will also be published in our monthly Newsletters.  The Annual Contest is open to anyone age 15 and over.  The contest opens for entries on October 1 and closes November 30, 2021. Early or late submissions will not be eligible.



Objectives:   To study methods of writing and research,
    To develop our talents as writers,
      To promote interest in writing, and
                  To encourage our fellow writers at all times